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David Migden and The Dirty Words

Blues music always weirds me out. It often strikes as a little limited, with only repetitive chord progressions and a ubiquitous 12 bar beat tapping at my brain until it seizes up in anguish at the blatant unoriginality of it all. But it’s never long before I fall in love with the genre all over again and listen non-stop for a whole day, pretending i’m making a beeline for the sunset on a Southern state freight train.

Well, today looks to be one of those days and I can thank Dave Midgen & The Dirty Words for the pleasure. And you can join me in Blues rediscovery, as Dave and his band are currently giving away ‘Shel’, a gloriously sun-kissed lament to all those words “You can’t take back”.

Grab your free copy here.

‘Shel’ is taken from The Dirty Words’ latest album Killing It, which you can delight in below.


Blues is always better live, so keep an eye on their website for upcoming tour dates.

By Ian Horrocks

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